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600 Chevron & Arrow Icons for Notion

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600 Chevron & Arrow Icons for Notion

Amy aka Electric Setup
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New! 600 Chevron & Arrow icons specifically made for Notion. Icons look great in light and dark mode.

Create a clean and minimalistic aesthetic for your Notion workspace with this enormous pack of Notion icons.

Here are a few ways you can use this icon pack:

  • Add outlined or solid icons as progress indicators for your projects.
  • Color-code your lists or flag important items.
  • Use up or down arrows to indicate priority.

This icon pack is perfect if you're tired of using emoji and want to create a more cohesive look and feel across your Notion workspace.

Check the preview images above to see exactly what's included.

Here are the instructions on how to add custom icons to your Notion pages.

Enjoy! Tweet me with feedback: @amypeniston 🌵


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You'll get 600 icons for your Notion pages!

Chevron & Arrow Icons for Notion
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